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signal jammer on the pottery

Posted by: anlian on 01/08/2018 01:46 AM

Pottery is an expensive piece of jewelry. It has a fine shape and is a very valuable thing. It can protect the safety of pottery by using a signal jammer.

In the modern world, a lot of people have been bothered by the unexpected deployment of cell phones. To solve this problem, it USES GPS jammers to block cell phone signals. Typically, in typical tests and small meetings, handset interference options have a transmission power of 2W to 10W, providing good results.

Radio signal interference, all mobile communication signals, interphone signals are blocked in the radio transmission signal laboratory. The principle of mobile interference transmits an uplink signal interference by a wideband interference signal in order to achieve a mobile phone shielding function with a mobile phone.

Signal jammer is radio waves that lead to radio interference, causing interference and GPS deactivated in the sales vehicle. Described and compared with the normal wireless sending different the same frequency (bandwidth) said the radio waves, radio waves, as the regular communication interference. This is a technique that is often used militarily and politically. I know that there are a lot of radio waves using radio wave listening devices. Interference signal should be able to make the eavesdropper difficult to eavesdrop on the tapped.

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